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Nebulizer Simulation

How can medicine be taken avoiding side effects? A nebulizer is a drug delivery device. Inside of it, droplets of the active ingredient are created by ultrasound. Only small particles can escape the nebulizer. Those droplets can be directly transported through the lungs into the blood. In the simulation the droplets are simulated as small particles being transported by an airflow created by breathing in through the nebulizer. Droplets are absorbed and carried to the lungs. Some droplets can exit the nebulizer. Other droplets are not able to pass the separator and thus will not be inhaled. In contrast to conventional medication via the digestive system, side effects like gastric sickness or diarrhea are avoided. Furthermore, large droplets do not accumulate in the mucous membrane. 

More information:

The simulation was performed by Mathias J Krause using OpenLB
( The Video was created by Alexandra Kerl.